Jenny Mayfield

Jenny MayfieldJenny Mayfield is an American portrait photographer currently based in Frankfurt, Germany. Her images are dominated by women, children and families and the connections they share. Bedrooms, backyards and other little known corners around the world serve as backdrops for her work. In 2005, Jenny climbed a dark stairway in Nairobi to document the lives of women forced into prostitution and facing a daily threat of HIV/AIDS. The beautiful, strong women she met at the top of those stairs supported, protected and cared for one another, a bond not unlike that of a family. Her photographs were featured in leading US lifestyle magazines and strong human connections continue to energize her work.

Before moving to Germany, Jenny worked in Washington, DC as a freelancer, portrait photographer, and then as photo editor at USA Today. Jenny’s documentary work with actress Ashley Judd and PSI in Africa and Asia appeared in Town & Country, Marie Claire, Ladies Home Journal, USA Today, Glamour and other international publications. Her images of Alicia Keys captured during a trip with PSI and Keep A Child Alive to Cape Town, South Africa appeared in Self Magazine.

In 2009 Jenny boarded a plane to Germany with an infant, a toddler and her gorgeous 18 year old sister. Together they saw the city of Frankfurt for the first time in beautiful September light. Ten days later she lost her sister to bacterial meningitis. For Jenny, this loss reinforced the importance of photographs that make you stop and catch your breath. Jenny holds a Master’s in Foreign Service and International Development from Georgetown University, and a BA from Smith College. She is married to journalist Brian Blackstone and together they have two hilarious children, Grady and Compton.

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(c) Jenny Mayfield(c) Jenny Mayfield(c) Jenny Mayfield

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